The Evil That Men Do..

Session #4: Not in Kansas Anymore..

The party left Handebar and Jim behind in their quest to reach the Oracle of Thay Mountain. In a session that amounted to little more than continuous fighting, the group was able to reach the end of the mountain range in a matter of days and make their way towards the town of Nethentir in search of supplies and information…

Session #3: A Pirate's Life
this party is super OP

The adventure picks up with our party having finished their conversation with the yet unnamed pirate smuggler. The smuggler had put forth an offer to significantly lower his price of travel if the party were to eliminate the threat of his local rivals, a man who calls himself the “Duke of Kelthann” and his gang of thugs, who all run the local gambling house less than a mile down the road and had been stirring up trouble (muggings, bar fights, threats of more serious violence etc) in recent weeks.

The party decided to forego any covert or stealthy operations and instead simply walk right through the front doors of the casino, so as to appear inconspicuous and to have a chance to scope out the interior of the building before escalating the situation into a fight.

As they walked through the door, they were greeted by the sight of a cloaked drow assassin slitting the throat of the “duke” himself and letting his body drop to the ground along with the blood-soaked corpses of his entire gang. Ashes immediately recognized the drow from her clothing and demeanor as Nautya, private assassin for the warlord Chaon Valzu. It became immediately clear that she had been given the task of following Ashes to ensure that his pirate captors did not fail in their assigned task. Nautya offered the party the chance to walk free with any loot they found in exchange for leaving Ashes behind to be slaughtered. The group refused.

In what can only be described as a complete and total fucking beatdown, the party surrounded Nautya and immediately nullified her every move. She tried to remove all light from the room; Ashes promptly used a cantrip to light every single candle available. She tried to take out the kenku with a triple melee attack; he responded with unholy angry bird fisticuffs en mass. She tried to instill fear and confusion, and instead the party cast numerous fear spells, grand illusions involving the ceiling collapsing, and two bouts of’Tasha’s hideous laughter’ until Nautya was rendered immobile for all remaining turns.

The party finished the fight by crushing the assassin’s windpipe with melee strikes. As she lay in her death throws, Ashes sent her a stream of various telepathic questions. She would not reveal any information aside from saying that Ashes will be finished off for certain when he faces “the twins”, a concept Ashes did not take kindly to since they are not an already known part of his backstory.

The party decided to hide Nautya’s body behind the gambling house in order to take credit for finishing off the gang in brutal fashion and stole a vial of powder off her body, which an arcana check revealed to be a compound then, when mixed with potion solution, becomes an elixir of stealth.

The party returned to the tavern and greeted the smuggler with bloody fists and a promise that the gang was no more. The other patrons of the tavern took very kindly to the smuggler’s announcement that the duke and his gang had “recently expired due to a swift-acting natural illness” and bought the party a round of drinks. The smuggler then lowered his price from 10,000 gold to 1,000 gold.

The party then boarded the smuggler’s ship and met the smuggler’s first mate Jim, who grandly introduced himself as being part of the story solely because the Kenku insisted that a second crew member would be necessary for any of this to make sense. The party set sail for the Sea of Fallen Stars with the intent of traveling to Mt. Thay. They also spoke with the smuggler, who revealed that he too has heard numerous rumors of new and completely unknown monsters roaming freely across nearby lands, sometimes right out in the open and during the daytime. Anyone who’s gotten close to these monsters has lost their life to this new threat.

Within only minutes of leaving Kelthann, the smuggler’s ship was rocked by cannon fire as an unmarked ship attacked. The party ran on deck to see that this was clearly one of the ships from the fleet from which they had escaped. The party faced off against two pirates, a captain and two fanatics of a cult with an emblem the group did not recognize. The cult fanatics held up their hands to make the distinct symbol of devil horns as the pirate attempted to swing from their ship to the smuggler’s ship. Their ambush was largely unsuccessful. The smuggler shouted his name “Handebar Soloco!”, pulled out twin pistols and promptly blew one of the pirate’s heads clean off his shoulders. The party then used a series of spells to light the pirates’ vessel ablaze and trap the pirate with webbing spells. The cult fanatics then released a minotaur they had kept hidden from view, who tried to leap onto the smuggler’s ship; its leap attempt can only be described as a “critical failure.” The party bombarded their attackers with spells and melee attacks until all were defeated, save one cultist who stayed behind on his burning ship and the other, who the party tortured in hopes of gaining information. The cult fanatic only revealed that it would be an honor to die for the leader he worshiped. He then turned to the kenku and spoke in the most steady voice his could muster “You will never fly.”

The session ended with the party sailing away from the burning pirate ship, mulling over possible reasons why this cult would be so concerned with the party and the kenku in particular…

Session #2: Signs of Trouble

The session started with the party making their way through a small labyrinth on the island of Sumbar, having just defeated an undead dog. They quickly ran into a Capra demon who, though presenting a significantly greater challenge for the group with his multiattack ability and intense devotion to all things copper-colored, was also defeated. The kenku took the demon’s belt in hopes of finding out more about where the demon came from and if the belt itself holds any magical/useful qualities.

Knowing a Minotaur was almost surely nearby, the drained party made the decision to continue onward in hopes of reaching the other end of the labyrinth. They were quickly able to reach and open the final doorway, but were confronted by the Minotaur immediately after. Jhul used a webbing spell to block the Minotaur from advancing, after which the Minotaur ran down a path to the left in an attempt to ambush the group from the other side of the door. The group initially held the door shut to ponder their next move; kenku then surprise attacked the Minotaur as it waited on the other side of the door. A short melee fight ensued before the party was approached by the Sumbar Oracle as they fought. With the Oracle’s assistance the party killed the Minotaur and stole its belt for possible future use.

After a somewhat tense confrontation with the group surrounding Jhul’s savage and godless act of irreparable property damage, the oracle invited the party into her home. She then explained that she was set upon by the Minotaur and its minions several weeks ago and barricaded herself inside her home. She then presented what knowledge she’s acquired as well as her theories on what is going on:

- For several weeks (if not months), some sort of force or faction of abyssal origins has begun a massive and subversive assault on various other factions throughout Faerun; this fleet of ships is just one of many and this method of capturing and disposing of prisoners is also just one of many

- The fleet the party escaped from appears to be disposing of prisoners on the island of Tan, rumored to be home of a monstrously sized dragon commonly called Eshcaz the Red

- The prisoners being taken do not appear to have any correlation via alignment or religion ; the only link the oracles have found is that they all seem to have significant fighting capabilities

- The oracle’s knowledge of the kenku race includes a long standing theory that the demon who stole the kenku’s wings is of abyssal origin and that this kenku’s quest to find the cure is likely what caused his capture; he is however not the only party member being targeted

- Other reports have come in, both from the oracles and visitors from the Pirate isles (prior to the attack on the oracle from the Minotaur/demons) that a wide array of previously unknown and unheard of monsters are showing up all over Faerun (presumably from another plane or universe) and are wreaking epic and terrible havoc as no one knows exactly know to fight them

The oracle then presented gifts of good will to the party and recommended they seek out the other four oracles should they wish to gain the knowledge and rare items needed for the battles that undoubtedly lay ahead.

The other four oracles are in located in the following regions:

The High Forest
The Jungles of Chult
Raurun the Dust Desert (beyond the Giant’s belt)
Thay Mountain

With this knowledge, the party left the island of Sumbar minus one bard and sailed to the island of Kelthann in hopes of securing safe passage out of the isles. While sailing the group bonded over their collective indifference at the idea of tossing possibly still-alive captives over the side of the boat. As they arrived to port in Kelthann they were greeted by the head dock/wharf laborer who half-heartedly questioned their identity and purpose of visiting Kelthann. Jhul presented the laborer with 5 gold and declared all four members of the party to be named ‘Smith.’ The laborer reasonably assumed each member of the party is surely blood-related and welcomed them to port.

After procuring some potion ingredients from a vendor, the party visited to local inn in search of a smuggler to assist them in escaping the isles. They experienced a bit of prejudice as the bartender charged an unusually high price for drinks and then motioned towards a man in the corner, presumably a smuggler willing to assist.

The party briefly conversed with the smuggler who gave the group two options:

- pay 10,000 gold, all up front
- pay a considerably lower price in exhange for roughing up a new local rival who goes by the name of “The Duke of Kelthann”; he tells the party that this man is running a gambling house just down the road, and that he and his cohorts have been causing an unusual degree of social trouble (prolonged bar fights, muggings, making larger threats etc.) for the people of Kelthann

The party agreed to paying the ‘Duke’ a visit in exchange for a lowered price and then parted ways with the smuggler…

NOTE: At the end of this session, each member of the party had increased their XP to 1950

Session #1: Waking up
The Pirate Isles

The party awoke after a long forced sleep, bound and imprisoned among other captives aboard an unmarked pirate transport ship sailing towards a large, volcanic island as part of a large and ominous fleet. They managed to free themselves and effortlessly overtake the crew of the ship via evil-pelican-death-punching, paralyzing and then murdering the captain in the process. As they vanquished their foes, they heard a voice fill the air that softly said “find me.”

With the crew defeated, the members of the party introduced themselves to each other (Ashes, Gravus, Jhulwiira and the kenku), along with a very scared and confused bard who called himself “rapier”, and searched the ship in hopes of finding out where they were and why. The kenku, by quietly searching the captain’s chamber, was able to find out that the party was captured in exchange for a more than decently sized bounty, with instructions to deliver the kenku himself alive. These instructions seemed to deliberately refrain from stating who is actually commanding the fleet or who ordered the imprisonment and transport of the prisoners in the first place. The only hints of identity came from a small insignia of a skull held by a three-clawed hand and what appeared to be some sort of pentagon-like shape partially carved into the floor. The kenku was also able to find a detailed map indicating that the party was in the Pirate Isles.

The party was able to discreetly sail out of the fleet back into the bay stretching the center of the Pirate Isles and observed their surroundings using a telescope provided by one of the dead pirates. To the southeast, they observed the smoking, volcanic island of Tan where the ships appearing to be docking. To the south, they observed the pirate hold of Oresk. To the north, they observed what appeared to be a smuggler’s trading post on the island of Kelthan. To the northwest, they observed the mysterious tropical island of Sumbar, surrounded by a small reef of jagged rock. They party voted to sail for Sumbar, as it was the only island in sight that did not appear to be inhabited by pirates of some sort.

The party landed on the beach of Sumbar and exited the ship, leaving the bard behind. They approached and entered what appears to be a large and hastily constructed labyrinth that destroys any plant life coming into contact with it. They were able to answer a riddle to enter the labyrinth and soon after beginning their way through the maze, they encountered an undead doglike creature. The party were about to dispatch this foe with relative ease and, by using an illusory spell, determine that it’s likely they are soon to encounter a Minotaur…

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