The Evil That Men Do..

Session #1: Waking up

The Pirate Isles

The party awoke after a long forced sleep, bound and imprisoned among other captives aboard an unmarked pirate transport ship sailing towards a large, volcanic island as part of a large and ominous fleet. They managed to free themselves and effortlessly overtake the crew of the ship via evil-pelican-death-punching, paralyzing and then murdering the captain in the process. As they vanquished their foes, they heard a voice fill the air that softly said “find me.”

With the crew defeated, the members of the party introduced themselves to each other (Ashes, Gravus, Jhulwiira and the kenku), along with a very scared and confused bard who called himself “rapier”, and searched the ship in hopes of finding out where they were and why. The kenku, by quietly searching the captain’s chamber, was able to find out that the party was captured in exchange for a more than decently sized bounty, with instructions to deliver the kenku himself alive. These instructions seemed to deliberately refrain from stating who is actually commanding the fleet or who ordered the imprisonment and transport of the prisoners in the first place. The only hints of identity came from a small insignia of a skull held by a three-clawed hand and what appeared to be some sort of pentagon-like shape partially carved into the floor. The kenku was also able to find a detailed map indicating that the party was in the Pirate Isles.

The party was able to discreetly sail out of the fleet back into the bay stretching the center of the Pirate Isles and observed their surroundings using a telescope provided by one of the dead pirates. To the southeast, they observed the smoking, volcanic island of Tan where the ships appearing to be docking. To the south, they observed the pirate hold of Oresk. To the north, they observed what appeared to be a smuggler’s trading post on the island of Kelthan. To the northwest, they observed the mysterious tropical island of Sumbar, surrounded by a small reef of jagged rock. They party voted to sail for Sumbar, as it was the only island in sight that did not appear to be inhabited by pirates of some sort.

The party landed on the beach of Sumbar and exited the ship, leaving the bard behind. They approached and entered what appears to be a large and hastily constructed labyrinth that destroys any plant life coming into contact with it. They were able to answer a riddle to enter the labyrinth and soon after beginning their way through the maze, they encountered an undead doglike creature. The party were about to dispatch this foe with relative ease and, by using an illusory spell, determine that it’s likely they are soon to encounter a Minotaur…


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