The Evil That Men Do..

Session #2: Signs of Trouble

The session started with the party making their way through a small labyrinth on the island of Sumbar, having just defeated an undead dog. They quickly ran into a Capra demon who, though presenting a significantly greater challenge for the group with his multiattack ability and intense devotion to all things copper-colored, was also defeated. The kenku took the demon’s belt in hopes of finding out more about where the demon came from and if the belt itself holds any magical/useful qualities.

Knowing a Minotaur was almost surely nearby, the drained party made the decision to continue onward in hopes of reaching the other end of the labyrinth. They were quickly able to reach and open the final doorway, but were confronted by the Minotaur immediately after. Jhul used a webbing spell to block the Minotaur from advancing, after which the Minotaur ran down a path to the left in an attempt to ambush the group from the other side of the door. The group initially held the door shut to ponder their next move; kenku then surprise attacked the Minotaur as it waited on the other side of the door. A short melee fight ensued before the party was approached by the Sumbar Oracle as they fought. With the Oracle’s assistance the party killed the Minotaur and stole its belt for possible future use.

After a somewhat tense confrontation with the group surrounding Jhul’s savage and godless act of irreparable property damage, the oracle invited the party into her home. She then explained that she was set upon by the Minotaur and its minions several weeks ago and barricaded herself inside her home. She then presented what knowledge she’s acquired as well as her theories on what is going on:

- For several weeks (if not months), some sort of force or faction of abyssal origins has begun a massive and subversive assault on various other factions throughout Faerun; this fleet of ships is just one of many and this method of capturing and disposing of prisoners is also just one of many

- The fleet the party escaped from appears to be disposing of prisoners on the island of Tan, rumored to be home of a monstrously sized dragon commonly called Eshcaz the Red

- The prisoners being taken do not appear to have any correlation via alignment or religion ; the only link the oracles have found is that they all seem to have significant fighting capabilities

- The oracle’s knowledge of the kenku race includes a long standing theory that the demon who stole the kenku’s wings is of abyssal origin and that this kenku’s quest to find the cure is likely what caused his capture; he is however not the only party member being targeted

- Other reports have come in, both from the oracles and visitors from the Pirate isles (prior to the attack on the oracle from the Minotaur/demons) that a wide array of previously unknown and unheard of monsters are showing up all over Faerun (presumably from another plane or universe) and are wreaking epic and terrible havoc as no one knows exactly know to fight them

The oracle then presented gifts of good will to the party and recommended they seek out the other four oracles should they wish to gain the knowledge and rare items needed for the battles that undoubtedly lay ahead.

The other four oracles are in located in the following regions:

The High Forest
The Jungles of Chult
Raurun the Dust Desert (beyond the Giant’s belt)
Thay Mountain

With this knowledge, the party left the island of Sumbar minus one bard and sailed to the island of Kelthann in hopes of securing safe passage out of the isles. While sailing the group bonded over their collective indifference at the idea of tossing possibly still-alive captives over the side of the boat. As they arrived to port in Kelthann they were greeted by the head dock/wharf laborer who half-heartedly questioned their identity and purpose of visiting Kelthann. Jhul presented the laborer with 5 gold and declared all four members of the party to be named ‘Smith.’ The laborer reasonably assumed each member of the party is surely blood-related and welcomed them to port.

After procuring some potion ingredients from a vendor, the party visited to local inn in search of a smuggler to assist them in escaping the isles. They experienced a bit of prejudice as the bartender charged an unusually high price for drinks and then motioned towards a man in the corner, presumably a smuggler willing to assist.

The party briefly conversed with the smuggler who gave the group two options:

- pay 10,000 gold, all up front
- pay a considerably lower price in exhange for roughing up a new local rival who goes by the name of “The Duke of Kelthann”; he tells the party that this man is running a gambling house just down the road, and that he and his cohorts have been causing an unusual degree of social trouble (prolonged bar fights, muggings, making larger threats etc.) for the people of Kelthann

The party agreed to paying the ‘Duke’ a visit in exchange for a lowered price and then parted ways with the smuggler…

NOTE: At the end of this session, each member of the party had increased their XP to 1950


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